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A Full-Spectrum User Experience

Blue Pulse™ ICM
Health Assessment

Blue Horizons Group business and system architects perform a deep review of areas to improve incentive program and identify key efficiency bottlenecks or deficiencies. We focus on full-spectrum user experience, including compensation administrators, end-user payees, and other key business stakeholders. The Blue Pulse™ evaluation process ensures you will maximize the ROI of your incentive compensation investment.

A Solution That Will Fit Your Needs

Blue Nirvana™
Managed Services

Our expertise extends beyond the initial implementation, ensuring that you have long-term success with your incentive program. Whether you need round-the-clock support or just an extra pair of hands once a year, Blue Horizons Group has a solution that will fit your needs.


The Blue Horizons Group

An Innovative Industry Leading Approach

Our customers have peace of mind that their organization is thriving, and deriving tangible business value through our sustainable sales management solutions.

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