Incentive Compensation Management


We are a world class expert system implementation, integration, and conversion service provider for industry leading Sales Performance and Incentive Compensation Management solutions. We bring decades of experience in building compensation solutions geared to succeed in the long haul. Our expertise in knowing the running complexities of enterprise Incentive Compensation Management solutions is our key differentiation.

for Mid Market Customers

BLUE NORTH™ Delivery Method

We have developed the BLUE NORTH™ delivery methodology tailored to the needs of our customers with fewer than 300 payees. BLUE NORTH™ is designed to minimize the time to implementation while managing services costs over the initial deployment in a cost-effective manner. BLUE NORTH™ also includes the long-term support most customers will require during their first three years on the ICM software platform.


The Blue Horizons Group

An Innovative Industry Leading Approach

Our customers have peace of mind that their organization is thriving, and deriving tangible business value through our sustainable sales management solutions.

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