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BHG was a great consultant and implementation partner, delivering on-time results while demonstrating adaptability, expertise, and integrity.

BHG was a great consultant and implementation partner, delivering on-time results while demonstrating adaptability, expertise, and integrity.

Sales Enablement Manager | Pella

Sales Enablement Manager | Pella

Blue Horizons Group’s enablement services uses a holistic approach that includes system testing, training, and ongoing support that empower your sales teams with the technologies, skills, and resources they need to excel. We believe that elevating your Sales Performance Management (SPM) solution is not just about introducing new technology but that it accurately supports your relevant functions and processes. In addition, your solution needs to be fully adopted by your team for maximum productivity, efficiency, and ROI.

Through rigorous system testing procedures, we ensure your SPM solution operates seamlessly for various scenarios, guaranteeing reliability and performance. Under our guidance, your team will learn to navigate the SPM solution effortlessly, adapting to its features with confidence and gain real-world hands-on experience.

We have developed the following offerings to provide our clients with exceptional enablement services:

Blue Quality™

Ensure your Sales Performance Management software performs at peak level.

Comprehensive testing support for all phases.
Provide confidence that your SPM system meets requirements and industry standards.
Promote adoption of solution across relevant business areas and function.

Blue Enable™

Adaptive learning solutions to upskill your team.

Role based and relevant learning experiences for your team.
Pertinent and timely training to grow your team’s skills and performance.

Enhance skills and competencies to drive successful project ownership.

We deliver enablement services to support your team in embracing change and thrive, driving your business towards success.

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To prepare for future growth, Western Alliance Bank upgraded and implemented a new ICM solution to better manage their incentive comp plan design and payout process. Once implemented however, it was discovered that they were discrepancies between their old system and the new one. They needed help testing the new system for full functionality. Read here about how Blue Horizons Group was able to step in and deliver an ICM platform that supported their objectives.

Customer Story: Enabling Confidence in Your ICM Platform | Blue Horizons Group

Blue Horizons Group has worked with companies across industries and scale. Read more case studies to learn about how we created successful outcomes for many of our clients.


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