Criticality of Selecting the Right SPM Solution

Red Door Amongst many Gray Doors
by BHG Staff


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So you’ve identified an area in your business where you can increase efficiency, you’ve decided to take measures to improve your incentive compensation and help manage sales, you’ve chosen to use a Sales Performance Management Solution, but where to start? You know your business best, and exactly what it will need, but SPM is an interesting market, there are many options and choices. There are dozens of solutions out there, Varicent, Oracle, Optymyze, Anaplan, and several others. Which one do you choose? How do you know what will fit your team best? Each of the software offerings has strengths and weaknesses, it’s capabilities and deficiencies, but in sales demonstrations, all of them appear to be able to meet every need. How can you cut through the sales gloss and glamour to determine a true fit?

It’s important to remember that SPM solutions are an investment. You aren’t just purchasing software, but investing in the future efficiency of your company. Selecting the wrong software solution can have a lasting impact on your sales compensation process, as this is typically an 8-12 year investment in technology. As 2020 and the pandemic has shown us, little is certain and it is difficult to tell what will change down the line. Will the solution you pick be able to accommodate any changes to your business?  Will the delicate configuration process be adaptable as your organization grows and changes?  For whoever oversees integration, it is not enough to introduce a solution then walk away. One of the highest purposes of an SPM solution is flexibility, but how can it remain flexible if your vendor bails after the initial work is done?

This is where the team at the Blue Horizons Group come in. We do not offer you a product, or even a service, but a partnership. Not only will we integrate SPM into your business, but we will offer you the best option, carefully chosen based on your criteria and needs, cutting through the sales hype to carefully align a software vendor with your specific needs. And our team stands with you beyond selection, providing a full range of implementation options. After completing implementation of the ideal software solution for your needs, we will stay with you, never more than a phone call away. Our goal is to integrate SPM and ICM solutions and keep them flexible, and perfectly working for your business.

If you are in the market for a ICM or SPM software solution and would like to have an introductory call to learn more about our offerings, please reach out to us.



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