Speed to Implementation = Speed to Value

Speed to Implementation = Speed to Value

Blue Accelerate™ brings true disruption to this market, slashing the timeline for tedious build activities, improving the quality of delivery, and reducing risk during testing.

Implementation of Incentive Compensation Solutions has been done the same way for the last decade or more. In a technology sector filled with innovation, the ICM market has seen years of yawn-inspiring incremental improvements treated as groundbreaking developments.

The Research and Development team at Blue Horizons Group knew there was a superior way to implement ICM platforms. Blue Accelerate™ delivers a revolutionary technology solution that speeds up complex ICM implementation.

Blue Accelerate™ reduces risk, lowers costs, and maximizes your ICM systems adoption by providing:

Prebuilt Components

Designed by experts with 200+ years of combined domain experience.

Expert Focus

More expertise focused on innovative approaches for your unique requirements.

Proven Process

Pre-tested processes minimize errors reducing implementation time.

Blue Accelerate™ can reduce project completion time and project costs by up to 50%.

The Blue Accelerate™ Difference

Standard ICM Implementation

  • Lengthy configuration process
  • Error prone manual steps
  • Increased risk
  • Inefficient utilization of expert resources

BHG Blue Accelerate™ Implementation

  • Prebuilt ICM components speed up implementation
  • Templates reduce data entry mistakes
  • Direct integration via API’s
  • Tested, standardized process eliminates project time and cost

No matter the size of your organization or the scope of your project – Blue Accelerate™ can help you gain an ICM platform to support your unique needs within your budget and timeline.

Success Stories

Our success is defined by our customers’ achievements. Explore the success stories of our clients showcasing the tangible impact of Blue Accelerate™.

These case studies exemplify our commitment to delivering practical solutions and driving substantial outcomes. Dive into the transformative journeys of our clients and witness the power of collaboration for exceptional results.

Customer Story Fast, Flexible Implementation badge

In this project, our client needed to transition their sales force from commissions-based plans to incentives-based while also transitioning away from spreadsheet management. They were in need of an efficient, accurate, and scalable platform to manage these new complex incentive plans that also provided insight into sales team’s performance against the incentives. And they needed it done fast. Learn more about how Blue Horizons Group helped them here. Read case study

For this case, the client’s sales compensation admins were using a labor-intensive process that combined internal systems and spreadsheets to manually calculate payouts. This process led to payment inaccuracies and a lack of visibility into the calculation process. They needed to upgrade to a ICM Solution but needed guidance on implementing it quickly and accurately. Learn how BHG helped get them on the right track. Read case study

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Customer satisfaction is our focus. As your partner, we deliver solutions that maximize your ROI while continuously optimizing revenue. You can learn more about the BHG difference here.

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